Brilliant Tips For Creating Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Creating Nail Art Designs With Things You Have Around the Home

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Who wants to run out and buy a new nail polish or nail art supplies every time they want to change their nails? Certainly, there are people who do want to run out and shop whenever they get a whim to try something new, but when you are in a crunch for new nail art designs, and you only have hours left until the big occasion, there may not always be time to drive to the store and search through all of the choices, wait in line, pay for the items, drive back home and get your nails done.

When you are in a last minute crunch to that special occasion, start looking around the house. You might just find everything that you need!

Designs with a Gel Pen

Before you try this technique, you should know that the gel pens that you get from the office supply stores will take about 30 minutes to dry, so you need to plan ahead before using one. (Although that is much better than running out to the store to buy the nail supplies that you need). Apply a base coat to the nails, and if you want to get funky, try some of your metallic or holograph nail polish. Then, draw your flowers or hearts or zig-zags or zebra stripes with the black gel pen. Again, let it dry for at least 30 minutes and then you can add a clear top coat to seal the nail art designs.

Polka Dot Trick

So, you have painted your nails and you keep trying to make the perfect polka-dots, but they constantly come out blotchy or too thick when you use the nail paint brush that comes in you nail polish containers. If this is the case, you have probably given up on the polka dotted nails at this point in time. Need an easy polka-dot making trick? Grab a bobby pin and dip it into the nail polish. Rest assured, your polka dots will come out precise and perfect every single time.

Trouble Drawing Straight Lines

Nail art designs look so much more professional when they come out with perfectly straight lines. You can purchase nail tape that is super thin and keep it on hand in your house, but if you are at a loss at the last minute, almost any kind of tape will help you create those straight lines. Whether you are crafting stripes or unique nail art designs, tape will help you get those lines straight.

Make Your Own Glitter Polish

A pretty layer of glitter polish can make your nails glitter and shine; however if you just ran out of your favorite glitter polish, then you might be out of luck. Unless you have some clear nail polish and glitter hanging around the house. Even some glitter eye shadow and clear nail polish can be mixed together for a quick coat of glitter polish.

Create Different Hues

If you want to polish your nails with a different shade on each nail, add white nail polish to the color that you are using to create different hues. For example, if you are using purple nail polish, paint your thumb nail with the regular shade. Mix the purple with white to create a shade lighter and paint the pointer nail with that color. Add more of the white paint to the paint and you get an even lighter hue to paint on the middle finger. And keep mixing until your pinkie fingers are painted with the lightest shade.

Do-It-Yourself Matte

DIY matt nails - french tips

DIY matt nails – french tips

If you love the matte nail polishes and that nail art design would go perfect with your new outfit, you can make your own at home with an ingredient that you probably already have in your kitchen. Pick out your favorite nail color and paint your nails with it and let it dry. Then, take your clear nail polish and add some corn starch to it. Paint the clear corn starch nail polish over the dried layer of color on your nails and voila! You have created your own matte nail art.

Stone Nail Art

Paint your nails a light blue or eggshell color and then let the layer of paint dry. Then, grab a plastic sandwich baggie in the kitchen for the next step. Scrunch up the baggie and paint silver on the scrunched up parts and use the baggie to dab each nail with the silver paint. You will get a stone appeal on each nail. Try different colors for the underneath layer, or use gold for the color that is dabbed over it.

Keep your eyes open around your house and stay creative and you can probably come up with your own nail art designs that can be crafted with things that you find around the house.


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