Cute Nail Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Beautiful nails can make a fashion statement just as much as your clothing choices. Whether you choose to get your nails done professionally or you choose to tackle the designs yourself, the combinations are as endless as your imagination will allow. There are cute nail ideas that can express your mood, your personality or your sense of fashion.

cute acrylic nails

cute acrylic nails

Of course you will always want to start with clean, well manicured nails if you’re going to be drawing attention to them with your designs. For many designs, longer nails will be easier to create your designs on. If your nails are extremely short or bitten, you might want to consider applying acrylic nails first (fake nails).

Gather all your supplies together before you start. You’ll need polish remover in case you make mistakes or don’t like the look of a particular color and need to start over. It’s best to sit at a table with a nice big flat surface so you can spread out all the things you need. Q tips are handy for dipping into polish remover and cleaning up any smudges or mistakes. Lay down paper towel to protect the surface in case of spills. Then start by painting your nails with a good, clear base coat. That will help keep bright colors from staining your nails.

Color Ideas for Your Cute Nail Designs 
If you’re not ready for wild patterns or designs yet, you might want to start experimenting with just color. Look in any nail product aisle and you’ll find every color imaginable. Some even have texture built into the polish. There’s absolutely no rules when it comes to painting color on your nails.

Not every nail has to be the same color. Pick a few colors that you like together and paint alternate nails a different color for a rainbow type effect. Or, color all but one nail the same color and choose something different for just one finger, like your ring finger or your pinky finger.

Another option is to only paint the tips of the nail with a bold color, leaving the rest of the nail plain, or paint the nail one color and the tip a different color. French manicure strips work well for this technique to help make a clean, crisp line between the nail and the tip. Place the strips on your dry nails, paint the tips in the color you’ve chosen, then pull the strip off before the polish completely dries. If you don’t have french manicure strips you can use scotch tape to get the same effect.

Design Ideas for Nails

If you’re itching to try something more flamboyant than just color there are plenty of options to choose from. Even if you’re a beginner, there are plenty of products that make it easy to add designs to your nails. One very simple way to add design is by using nail stickers. You can purchase nail stickers in lots of different designs from simple to elaborate.

Choose a color to paint your nail or just use a clear base coat, depending on the design of your sticker. Some look like intricate tattoos, some are 3D graphics. The choices are endless. You can paint your nails a complementary color that goes with the sticker design if you choose. Nail stickers make it possible for a complete beginner to achieve a professional look. Just top everything off with a clear top coat when you’re finished to help your new look last longer. When you’re ready to change designs just remove everything with nail polish remover.

You can choose stickers to support your favorite sports team and paint your nails in your team’s colors. You can choose holiday themed stickers and paint your nails in coordinating holiday colors. If you want something stylish but understated, paint your nails with a clear base coat and then add a dainty white sticker in a floral or lace pattern.

More Advanced Ideas for Nails

cute nail accessories

cute nail accessories

If you’re more advanced using polish techniques, you can create endless designs without using stickers. A simple polka dot design using two colors makes a playful look. Using a very small brush or even a toothpick works best for adding the dots of color. Add drops of two or three different colors, then using a toothpick or other small pointed tool, swirl the colors together for a unique look.

You can purchase nail jewels that can be glued onto your nails for a sparkly glam look. You can choose from all sizes and shapes of jewels in rhinestones of all colors, gold and silver studs, beads of every color, bows and more.

There are so many nail products available to help you create your own cute nail ideas. You can find inspiration for your designs from your favorite outfit, the theme of an event, holidays or pictures you can find all over the web.



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